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I just added pages about gout and gout symptoms on our webpage.

Gout is one of the oldest rheumatic diseases, and was once thought to be the "disease of Kings". I know it is NOT funny, but gout ussually starts at the big toe. Certain foods and especially beer (ouch!) is bad news.

We also received the following testimony from one of our users (PLEASE send us your testimonies:

"Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I cannot describe to you the amount of pain I had before I heard about your tea from a friend. I was very skeptical, I mean, an herbal tea and only 2 ounces twice a day? I am so glad that I tried it. The pain disappeared within weeks and I am using your tea now for almost 4 months. I will keep on drinking it; I might just switch to the maintenance dose in a month or two. Thank you again, I am telling everybody I know about Essies tea.". ...More...

The amazig results from Essies Tea users is what keep us smiling every day. It ranges from arthritis, cancer, cholesterol, multiple sclerosis and so much more.

Hope you guys suffering from gout will try Essies tea and next time it might be your testimony on this page.

More cholesterol patients turn to herbal remedies

Cholesterol has a far greater impact on modern day humans with their fast and stress-filled lives than on a generation or two ago. With technology advancing in leaps, one should think that cholesterol should be no problem by now, but instead, it was just a matter of time before people started looking at natural remedies for help.

I just added pages on cholesterol and the symptoms and treatment of cholesterol.

Go check it out and maybe you know someone with high cholesterol.

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