A natural cure for the flu? Yes

by Laura

Do you have the flu? I did last year. And if you have had the flu, as most of us probably has, then you know what it is like. In the fall of 2013, I decided to research to find out how I can prevent from getting the flu or a better treatment to help me tolerate it better.
For the last several years I have been researching the power of natural foods and what is referred to all over the Internet as “healing herbs”. In my quest to combat the flu I researched flu remedies throughout the herbal community. I found an amazing recipe that can be used as a preventative and can be used with the flu as well. If you are not familiar with herbs for healing then the recipe might come to you as a shock. But if you are “sick” of the flu I urge you to try it.

The recipe is simple and the ingredients can be picked up at most grocery stores or health food store.

A couple of onions

A whole bulb of garlic

A few Jalapeno peppers

An entire piece of ginger

Organic Apple cider vinegar (Raw from the “mother”)

Directions: Chop up all the herbs then put all of the chopped herbs into a mason jar with a plastic top (or plastic wrap tied with a rubber band). It is important not to top the jar with a metal lid the vinegar will cause it to rust. Now pour the vinegar to fill. Shake the jar for 10 seconds every day for 6 weeks. Note: you may need to add vinegar for the first few days to maintain that the vinegar is over the herbs. After 6 weeks strain and take a teaspoon every day for prevention. If you have the flu, take a teaspoon every hour. If it is too strong then dilute with some water. It is amazing!! You won’t be disappointed.

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