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The prices below are in US dollars and are only available to US residents. South African residents can get a list of contact names and telephone numbers at the Contact us page and international customers can e-mail us for pricing and order info.


(About 4 weeks of treatment) The detoxifying dose is recommended to anyone starting to use our tea and that do not have a serious condition. This will get rid of all the toxins and unwanted minerals in your body. We recommend you use it for at least 12 weeks, preferably 24 weeks, before stopping or changing your dose. $49.50

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(About 4 weeks of treatment) The Aggressive dose is for people with various degrees of illnesses, including diabetes. It helps your body rebuild its immune system so that your body can take care of itself. People with diseases like diabetes should carefully monitor there blood-sugar levels as it might suddenly improve. We recommend you use it until your lab results are normal or your condition has stabilized before changing to a lower dose. $95.00

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(About 4 weeks of treatment) The Cancer-plus dose is for people having serious diseases like cancer. It helps minimize the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation and helps to rebuild your immune system. Even though some of the people in our case studies claim that Cancer-plus by essies tea got rid of their cancer, we do not make any such claims and urge you to continue with the treatment your health care providers prescribed to you and to only use Cancer-plus as a supplement. The positive benefits of essies tea is endless and may or may not include the ability to boost your immune system enough to enable your body to heal itself. Please read our product page and our case studies before buying. We recommend you use our Cancer-plus dose until your lab results are normal and then switch to the detoxifier dose for at least 12 weeks afterwards. $180.00

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(Need about 3 bottles per month) Raintree's graviola is 100% pure - rich in active and beneficial phytochemicals which occur naturally in this plant. We use no binders or fillers so the capsules are 100% pure finely milled graviola powder. It has been sustainably wild harvested or organically grown in the Amazon rainforest. $19.90

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