Blessed thistle as a heart and brain remedy.

Blessed thistle for your heart

Blessed Thistle was used in early herbal treatments as a remedy for migraine and other headaches. It is also used for digestive problems such as gas, constipation, and stomach upset, and acts as an appetite stimulant and digestive aid. Blessed Thistle is also known as "St. Benedict Thistle" and "Holy Thistle and is found primarily in Asia and Europe.

It contains B-complex, calcium, iron, manganese, cincin and essential oil.

Blessed Thistle is used to strengthen the heart, and is useful in all remedies for lung, kidney, and especially liver problems. It is used in remedies for menopause and for menstrual cramping, and for the treatment of constipation and flatulence, and is considered an excellent heart tonic and blood purifier that improves circulation and purifies the blood increasing oxygen to the brain to stimulate memory.